Our love for fashion and our  need to be continuously informed about the latest trends, made us start thinking of the creation of ‘’Catewalk’’.

Handpicked clothes, most of the them ‘’limited edition’’, from us to all women who want to make a difference and create a unique personal style.

In our store you’ll find exclusively Greek and Italian brands, as well as collections with handmade pieces designed and created by the owner of Catewalk, Katerina Pollatou (Cate_Poll) with enthusiasm and love, for all women.

Designed by Cate_Poll: Handmade clothes of excellent quality materials, designed and sewn in Greece. A new brand with limited edition clothes and a basic goal, to show each woman’s femininity and make her look and feel unique.

Our goal is to be able to collect the most beautiful, elegant and unique clothes in an online store, because each of us deserves to feel geat inside her clothes.

Why online? Because you’re too pretty to have to look for a parking spot! It’s easier, try it!

Our secret to success? Best quality, reasonable prices and lots of love in our job.

And don’t forget: ‘’Don’t be like the rest of them darling’’ – COCO CHANEL

Enjoy girls!

Team Catewalk