We have loved them and we will because they give our look a more girly and playful mood. The reason for tutu skirts which appear to be a trend for another season.

Multicolor tulle in different lengths (preferred remains midi) appropriate for all circumstances.

Combine with a T-shirt with printing or embroidery and sneakers or ankle boots in case the outfit is more casual . If you want to make your look a bit more evening, dare to match it with a pair of high heels and a cropped top, but always in shirt fabric (type t shirt). Tulle itself is quite impressive so your top should be as simple and plain as possible.

Baby blue, pink, yellow, green, white, black, red – find the tutu in the color that suits you and make you happy! Sooo, dare it!

Good luck girls,

 Team Catewalk


We would like to thank ZAMANOS company for the special pairs of glasses which wear our girls during the shooting. View all HERE