Girls, it’s the trend of the season! The reason for sequins-glitter-lurex and everything shines and polishes. That’s why we decided to dedicate our current theme to this glam tend. Ok, we sincerely understand that there is a portion of women (not a big one) that doesn’t have the best relationship with fancy clothes, but they want to be in fashion too. Do not worry, we are able to help you and offer you solutions! So here are our glam suggestions..

Sequins. It’s all time classic in terms of fancy fabrics, it is rock, pop, glam and we can make fantastic looks with a sequined piece! It has its honor this year and we recommend you to own a piece of a kimono-dress or a sequin jacket or a blazer .. Only one element is enough to give the desired glow to your outfit, so make sure that the rest items are not so ‘’glittered’’. Absolute trend this year the colorful sequins, striped, degrade, animal print and so on. You, on the other hand, who do not prefer all these different colors and designs, choose a piece of black matte sequined piece of clothing, it’ll be impressive and complete your look properly!

Glitter. The trend of the glitter has come earlier, but this year it is at the peak! If you do not have such a piece in your wardrobe, we suggest you to get one and if it seems too much for a simple evening look, Christmas holidays are a great occasion to wear your new glittered dress! For the ones who continue to be skeptical about this trend, we have the following stylistic tip: Choose a glittered piece and combine it with more casual elements. If for example you’ll choose a top, wear it with your favorite jean pants, or if you want to get a glitter dress, dare to combine it with black opaque tights.

Lurex. Last winter we had devoted a whole theme to this favorite trend (read it here) and it will continue monopolizing our interest for another season. The reason for our favorite lurex fabric that gives us perfect metallic results and rainbow looks. This year lurex is an absolute trend, with special goldsmith in the fabric’s knit and you will find it in dresses, sweatshirts, kimono and so on. Our tip is to invest in such a piece, which if combined correctly, you can wear it from morning till evening!

These were our “glam” suggestions about this winter trend that wants us to “shine”. Such a piece of clothing is what is needed for our festive outfits and it can certainly make our  mood, even the days when we want do nothing and stay home! We are always at your disposal and you will find us in our showroom on 66 Dodekanissou Street, in Peristeri, by phone at 210-5710037 and of course through social media 🙂

Team Catewalk