It’s easy enough for all to understand the subject of the article below, just by reading the title. Yes, we love it, yes, it emits innocence and refinement at the same time, yes, in the summer months we prefer it a little more. The reason for the white color that is connected with a memory, for every period of our life.

Since we were little girls, our “formal” outfit couldn’t be anything else than the white dress. Growing up, we can’t stop dreaming of a brilliant bridal gown. Then that midi dress in white shade will make you shine at any formal gala. White color is all time classic, we always prefer it a bit more as it can be both formal and simple at the same time, romantic but also chic.

Tops, trousers, dresses and skirts, a piece in white color is a must have for your wardrobe, especially during the summertime that will make an amazing contrast to your tanned skin. It’s well combined with EVERYTHING from colorized to monochrome, and of course the total white look giving emphasis on the accessories. Do not be afraid! Even for girls with some extra pounds, there are beautiful pieces that suit them perfect and make them shine!

MUST HAVE for this summer : the white top

DO: Try white airy clothes for your evening walks on the island, you’re gonna love the look.

DON’T: If you are invited at a marriage event, avoid white clothes. No one wants to be compared with the bride that day!

Good Luck Girls!

Team Catewalk