Talking about the must have pieces that should NEVER be missing from any wardrobe. Discounts are a fact and it would be good to take advantage of it and invest in some timeless pieces. We refer to some clothes that can be worn almost all seasons and now we can get them at a reduced price. We gathered them for you and now we present them ..

The black dress. Whether it’s mini, midi or maxi, it’s up to you! This monochrome black dress should not be missing from your wardrobe, worn all seasons and combined with everything. You can dare an eccentric pair of shoes or special accessories, a colorful bag or an overcoat in intense print. As a safer choice, “all black everything” will always be chic and fashionable! You should prefer a fabric that can be worn all seasons, like the crepe and you can enjoy your favorite black dress even in the summer, combined with your high heels.                 

The kimono. Despite the fact that so many years we had in mind the kimonos combined with the summer, this winter, we saw them dominating at all their versions and we loved them! With fringes, beads, feathers and furs, the kimonos stole the show and fair enough “won a seat” in the must have pieces for our wardrobe. They can be worn as a dress, as a statement piece that completes a look, even as a coat. Choose color and print (I personally love the floral) and complete your outfit!                                                                               

This satin mini dress. We love satin, we have already discussed it. It’s a fabric that makes clothes seem chic and qualitative. It’s also a fabric that is comfortable to be worn from winter to summer. So a satin dress in pastel colors is considered to be a “key piece” and can promise unique appearances both in winter (with over-the-knee-boots and a monochrome overcoat) and in summer (with your favorite sandals and accessories) .

So now you know in what pieces you have to invest and make yours during the sales period. In our online store you’ll find our suggestions, now with 30% discount! Enjoy shopping girls!

Team Catewalk