With enthusiasm and great honor, it’s time to present you our new venture, *The Glam Collection *, a collection which will be soon available. Pieces that will show off your femininity and unique qualitied fabrics are the main features of this collection. We hope you’ll be as enthusiastic as we are!

Handmade clothing. Meaning well-sewn clothes, something you don’t find easily in our time, a time when mass production in fashion is at its peak. As a result, we all understand “lower quality” clothes and the phenomenon “more and more women with the same piece of clothing”. This new collection is based primarily on the handmade philosophy, with our main concern that every woman should look and feel unique.

Made in Greece. These clothes from their design to sewing, including fabrics, have origins in.. Greece! We live in this country and we support its economy. The Catewalk team want to provide you unique pieces made in our country from domestic, best quality materials.

Limited edition clothing. In the philosophy of handmade clothing, you realize that since we do not have mass production of clothes, these pieces are sewn at hand and for this reason the number of pieces is limited. So we tried to achieve for you the triptych of excellent quality-uniqueness-affordable price, elements that should dominate in the wardrobe of the modern woman.

You can get a taste from the sketches below and we promise to give our best. Some pieces will be ready very soon and some later! So stay tuned! We’ll be glad to hear your opinion, so please contact us on social media or email us at .

P.S. We would like to thank Stavros Mitropoulos for his valuable help in the drawing of the sketches.

                                                                          Team Catewalk