This trend has come to stay. Like last summer, as in the past winter, flower patterns dominate for another season. We find them having their honor in dresses, sweatshirts, trousers, skirts, swimsuits, scarves and so on. Personally, I love it so much because it makes me happy! This season, we’ll see the floral pieces combined with stripes, dots, plaid and geometric patterns, giving a very beautiful result that we‘ve absolutely loved!

On the other hand, we’ve seen so much floral … we agree with this fact! So what are the pieces that will draw our attention, the most special, that‘ll make us want them? We gathered them for you and of course we present them ..

The “abstract” flower. This lovely floral is a bit more indefinable, with shades and ripples in its pattern. It is special and certainly flatters the body more than a pattern with small repeating flowers. We designed it for you in a comfortable fabric, so you can enjoy it all summer long! Photo above (code: 001218013)

The “special fabric”. We warmly support it and we often point it out: “The fabric of a piece of clothing has a very important role, perhaps even more important than the design itself.” The qualitied fabric is what makes the piece special and also “embraces” the body properly to flatter it. We say yes to floral once again, as long as the fabric has something different this time, a detail in its texture that makes it unique. Our suggestion is this favorite dress in the photo on the bottom left (code: 001218016) from muslin with small circular patterns in its fabric.

Fluo colors. Must for this summer, as they perfectly match to your tan! The reason for the fluo colors that are very popular during the summer months and is a very good choice if you are looking for a floral piece a little more playful and special.. Our recommendation is the new jumpsuit on the bottom right, (code: 100218013) with beautiful flowers and perfect fit!

The earth laughs in flowers and we won’t disagree, since there are suggestions for all types and preferences! We hope to helped you and we’ll be glad to serve you for anything you need in our showroom, on 66 Dodekanisou Street, in Peristeri, or you can call us at 210-5710037.

Team Catewalk