For us the time has come.. For you? We are looking forward to and counting days, but before we say goodbye to make our suitcase for the holidays, we thought to share with you what this suitcase should contain. So which are the must have for your holidays on the island, without unduly filling your limited luggage space? We gathered them and we present them in a special summer mood!

The all day long dress. This is a piece of clothing that you can enjoy from morning to evening, on board, on plane, on your morning walk (with your favorite sandals), even on your evening cocktail walk (combined with impressive accessories). It is worth investing in such a dress and you MUST include it in your suitcase, because you can put it and put it back at different times of the day, or even all day long (if is not scheduled to return to the accommodation to change). We suggest the lovely silky dress (photo up), code: 001218031, which you will find of course at our eshop!

The one piece swimsuit with white pants. It is chic, comfortable and the white pants match with everything and are suitable for all hours! It’s a great choice for a stylish look on the beach, but also for morning and afternoon walks on the island. The wider the pants, the better! The trousers that we suggest (photo bottom left) are not so wide, but you will find them at a great price, code: 103117005 and will become your favorite even in the office! No question for the one-piece swimsuit with code: 102218001, we have already adored it!

An ” as much as ” dress for your night out. And with the term “as much as” we mean something comfort, playful and not too much. That is a piece of clothing that you will put on your evening walk during holidays, it doesn’t need to be as formal as something you would wear a Saturday night on the city, for example. Regarding your hair and makeup, they should be lighter and not too sophisticated as well. Our suggestion is the lovely muslin maxi dress (photo below right) and code: 001218021. You will be love it!

So that was our own stylistic piece of advice regarding the necessary pieces that should not be missing from your luggage this summer! We have to inform you that our showroom will be closed from 26/7 to 5/8 and wish you happy and relaxing holidays! Orders via eshop will run normally 😉 Have fun girls!

                                                                                                                                 Team Catewalk