As the time goes by and discounts get to their ‘’peak’’, while the stores low the prices, we decided to write an article, discussing about a topic that we think has concerned a large percentage of women’s population at times: ” What is really worth buying during sales period?! ”. So, we did our research, we collected statistics and reviews, of course we didn’t forget to put our personal opinion (as always) and finally we present you an article quite relevant and useful..

The outerwear. That fur vest or the coat you fell in love with on Christmas, but expenses couldn’t let you buy it? Now it’s time for you to make it yours! It’s worth investing in a good quality outerwear, whether it’s an eco-fur, a coat or just a jacket and during the sales period you can get it at a more affordable price. So if you have to choose between different items to buy during this period, the overcoat should be on your top choice!

The evening dress. It was “love at first sight”, but then you start having second thoughts such as “Where will I wear such an evening dress?”, “It’s very expensive to wear it only once” and so on. We can confirm you that now is the right time to buy it! It’s not necessary to have already a formal invitation (wedding-baptism-an official event) to buy a good dress. Since you loved it and you can find it at a lower price, don’t think it too much, buy it! So the next time you are invited to an official event, you will be prepared and you won’t run panicky at the last moment to find the proper piece of clothing. Don’t forget the rule that if go to an event with different guests from the last one, you can put again your favorite and impressive dress without doubt. So finally you have your dreamy dress at a lower price – still not convinced?

The non-usual jeans. You saw them and can’t stop dreaming about them because it was not an ordinary pair of jeans. It was a bit more strassy, or at a color that is not very usual, but then you thought ” It’s just a pair of jeans. I can get along with something simpler.”.. Our opinion is that now is the time to make them yours! A special pair of jeans can be a statement for your outfit and can save you many times from a “nothing-to-wear” situation. Now that you can find it at a lower price, buy it without second thoughts, in a few days it will be a sold out!

SALES Girls, our favorite period… Nonstop shopping time but always remember: Better to focus on a qualitied and timeless piece, that you will always have in your wardrobe, rather than buying too many of lower quality and cheaper, which possibly cannot have duration for another season! You will find us daily at our showroom (Dodekanisou 66, at Peristeri) to recommend you pieces of clothing, try them and of course enjoy our discounts.. We are looking forward to see you!

Team Catewalk