We’ve loved it as much as anything, us, our mums, our grandmothers, and so on. The reason for the lace which always highlights our most feminine side. White? Romantic. Dark? Mystery.

Any color you choose, lace always has something to show, always something hides, and we prefer it both for our official appearances and for our more casual outfits, depending on the design.

During spring and summer months we always prefer lace in bright and pale shades and in combination with our tanned skin the result is at least impressive! Wonderful combination always remains lace with gold (golden accessories, golden details etc.) making the outfit chic and classy.

Combine with a gold or nude pair of shoes if it is an evening look, otherwise if your outfit is  more casual, a good and safe choice is a pair of platforms as well as ,a pair of flat sandals (ancient Greek type).

We love lace because it’s all time classic. It also always saves us from the nothing-to-wear dilemma we face, whenever we receive invitations for events that we have to be dazzling!

Good luck girls,

 Team Catewalk