Of course we could not forget to add in the hot summer trends our beloved … knitwear! If you know from knitting then grab the crochet and get ready to create your own must have piece of the season. The season ”imposes” to have such a piece in your wardrobe, so we have prepared a subject to get you fully inscribed..

First of all, let’s make it clear that knitwear is an ‘’all time classic’’ fabric, so it would be good to have such a piece in your wardrobe, whether it dominates in the fashion blogs or not. This year, since the winter we’ve been through, we have seen that metallic colors will monopolize our interest. Gold-pink gold-silver and bronze have their honor in clothes as well as in shoes, bags and so on. Knit pieces have caused frenzy, we find them in various metallic colors and designs, so we’ve chosen for you the following:

The midi tight dress. What else can be more feminine and flattering than this dress! A piece that shouts ” Love your curves ” in a lovely silver knitted fabric with glow in the knit. It’s accompanied by a lining on the same color, but you can easily combine it with your favorite one piece swimsuit at that pool party that you didn’t know what to wear. Dare it with black high heels or a pair of shoes in a metallic color (it’s the absolute trend) .

The high waisted pants. We love them and wish to be forever in fashion! So we created a pair of pants with a wonderful fit on a knit silver fabric. It combines perfectly with white and black, both in crop top, for you with the flat belly, and in airy tunic, for you who want to hide the extra pounds. You’re going to love them with your swimsuit as well, since the knitwear is also the ideal beachwear!

You can also invest in the knit kimono or the crop top and you will surely find a great variety of designs and colors to choose from. And one important tip for the end: Pay great attention with jewelery and buckle when you wear your favorite knit pieces girls, because it’s very easy to injure the fabric. We hope to helped you and don’t forget that you can now try and buy your favorite pieces in our showroom at 66, Dodecanissou street, in Peristeri! (Tel. for orders: 210-5710037)

Team Catewalk