Summer has come, so we decided to devote our current subject to a favorite stylistic proposition of this season, kimonos and caftans. They are a perfect solution, you can literally wear them from the morning till the evening, to the beach or your nightout on the island or the city. You will find them in a wide variety of colors and fabrics and you can see them as an integral part of your summer wardrobe. So we have the best suggestions for you and we present them ..

The ” special ” kimono. It can be made of lace or patchwork, it can have an impressive ribbon or even feathers! Thus, with the term “special” we mean whatever you won’t meet easily, the most impressive one. Do: Combine it with a pair of jean shorts and a top for your walks on the island or with a mini dress during your night out. Do not: Do not choose it as beachwear when you go for a relaxed swim, it’s a bit exaggerated. However, it would be a good choice for the pool party that you were looking for something impressive above your swimsuit! (Picture on top – code: 001219002)

The “beachwear” kimono. Knitted or transparent, this kimono should be a see through. Besides, on the beach, your whole appearance should be more loose and airy. Do: Wear it daily with your favorite jeans and a simple top and do not forget to include it in your suitcase, it’s the perfect beachwear! Do not: No, it’s not prohibitive for your evening out, but you certainly have more glam options. (Photo down left – code 100219017)

The sequin kaftan. It’s a trend of this summer, another ‘’sequin season’’. The caftan is a very good airy solution for the summer evenings and sequins give you the glow you want for your walks. Do: It is a perfect choice for you who are going to be a godmother, or you who are the mother and you want to put something glamorous but not too heavy. Matches perfectly with a special pair of platforms. Do not: Better not to choose this option during the morning hours, unless you are invited to an event where the dress code allows it. (Photo on bottom right – code 001219005)

These were our suggestions about the “how-to-wear” of kimonos and caftans. For any queries – advice – clarifications we are always at your disposal via social media, by phone at 210-5710037 and of course at our showroom, at 66 Dodekanisou Street, in Peristeri. And steal the show 😉

Team Catewalk