FLORAL vol.2

We could not forget making a remarkable tribute to our favorite flower trend, as it’s on the latest posts of all fashion bloggers around the world. We discussed about it a few weeks ago and now we are back, floral patterns are a ‘’must’’ for this summer

Tanned on the island wearing your maxi floral dress or your swimsuit with your lovely floral kimono. Can you picture it? We did it and we chose the most fashionable and perfect flower pieces for you.

Are you a blonde? You should choose bright and vibrant colors and pieces with colorful flowers. Are you a brunette? For you it’s necessary to prefer clothes with flowers in more pale and pastel shades. And certainly those which have a white base. Can you imagine what a nice contrast they’ll make with your skin?

Always following the new trends, we brought for you the best floral dresses, maxi or mini for all preferences and body styles. You can take a look at our online store. We’ll be very happy to help you. We also loved our new floral kimonos. Wear it at the beach with your swimsuit, for a walk combined with your jean shorts and your t shirt, or for a drink with your tight mini dress. ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE.

Dresses, kimonos, tops, skirts, pants in floral patterns for all styles, ages and preferences. At least one such piece is necessary for your closet this summer. Dare it and you’ll remember us!

Good Luck Girls!

Team Catewalk