Hello Fall! And along with the first yellow leaves, the classic and inevitable questions come naturally: “Which is the right outfit for the autumn months? ”, ” How am I supposed to be elegant in the middle seasons? ” And so on. We are here, as always, to enlighten you and give solutions to all your problems! So, we have prepared a theme for all the essentials of autumn and we present it to you with happiness!

The office style. You leave early in morning for the office and have it’s a bit cold, while later at noon the thermometer rises threateningly? No problem! Invest in a special jacket (not too dark) or in a leatherette jacket (not black) and combine it with a white shirt or T shirt and of course your favorite jean pants. Your jeans will ‘’save’’ you at this time of the year, when you don’t want to get your black trousers out of your winter wardrobe and surely the summer pants are out-of-season.

Night out. It’s Saturday night and you want to go for a drink and relax from the worries of the week. So do not put one more in your mind: ‘’The what to wear’’! A knitted slim fit dress is a good idea, of course, combined with your favorite sandals. The knitwear is the best choice this time and it will be good to prefer a metallic color, which is the absolute trend! Alternatively, try your favorite little black dress, just be a little careful with the fabric!

The official social event. It’s late September and you’re invited to your cousin’s wedding! You have to be well dressed, but the season is confusing you and you have difficulty choosing the right clothes. You should certainly avoid choosing a spring/summer piece of clothing, but a winter fabric is prohibitive too, such as the velvet. Our proposal is the maxi dress in a metallic color (gold or silver), with a rich sleeve (so you do not have to take an outerwear), which of course you can enjoy in an equally formal occasion during winter! Alternatively, we suggest you to prefer a sequined piece, which is a winter to summer safe choice!

Autumn is a beautiful season, you should not be afraid! All you need to remember is to be careful with the fabrics you choose this period. We say no to the light fabrics (linen, auburn, white lace etc.) and we also should avoid the heavy ones (velvet, fur). We hope to help with our suggestions, for any other stylistic advice we are always at your disposal at our place, 66 Dodekanisou Str, in Peristeri, or you can call us at 210-5710037.

Team Catewalk