We love everything glitters and makes us feel like queens. This year a little bit more, because glitter is a trend and since the summer is the time of marriages and other social events, here’s the opportunity for you to dare it! Even for those girls who may think it’s “too much” for their tastes, we have suggestions that will make them reconsider the whole thing.

The total glitter look. For you who want a distinct and glamorous look, we will suggest a total glitter look. People will stare you, unquestionably! We recommend the set you see on the bottom left, consisting of body and high waisted pants (codes: 001219013 & 001219014) and it will be easy to wear again both pieces in the future, by combining them with something else. For example, the body with your favorite jeans and the pants with a satin top, a lingerie type. These are designer’s pieces of clothing, timeless for your wardrobe and ideal to steal the impressions!

Glitter on top. Do you want something special and glamorous for the occasion, but you doubt if you have the opportunity to wear them again in the future? No problem! The impressive body we discussed earlier can be perfectly combined with the trousers on the bottom right photo (code: 001219015). In a special fabric that embraces your body and in a neutral color that can be combined with everything, this set is perfect for you who want something impressive but at the same time a bit more “quite” than a total glitter look.

The dress. The dress we suggest could be included in the previous category, the glitter on top, since it’s a piece of clothing consisting of a glitter on the top and layers of muslin on the bottom, giving the impression of an extra movement. It is comfortable, romantic and comes in two perfect summer colors! (photo above – code: 001219023) It is ideal for you who are a godmother or best woman and want to wear something good for the occasion, but not too tight.

So these were our suggestions on how to combine a glitter piece of clothing this summer. Our opinion? Dare it, a little shine in some cases is necessary. You will find us daily at our showroom (Dodekanisou 66, in Peristeri), via phone at 210-5710037, but also through our social media. We will be glad to serve you! Till next time … have a wonderful time!

Team Catewalk