Boho, bohochic, bohostyle, words we got tired reading at Instagram ,for another season, with the relevant hashtags listed in the captions of the posts of all fashion bloggers who respect themselves.

We love that style and we have inevitably linked it to the summertime. You can create boho style really easy and you definitely have many choices to select the one that best suits your personality and your body type.

A maxi dress matched with lots of extra neck and hand accessories and a stylish hair accessory or high waisted jeans with a white tunic, hat and an arm bracelet. As you see the key to an impeccable boho style is the matching accessories. Must have piece for the beach, for another summer, is a kimono in ethnic and boho vibes, a piece that should not be missing from any suitcase.

Bohochic as a meaning, refers to the most diligently boho version. Jean shorts, a monochrome top and a floral kimono combined with many long necklaces and your great pair of sandals. ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. For even more (boho)chic ladies, combine your favorite lace playsuit with a lovely accessory in your hair (floral, why not?) and please don’t forget the statement belt, wide, leather with some imposing metal buckle.

Below we have found some suggestions for you, so dare it! Love, imagination and creativity is what you need for styling, like all things in our lives. We’re looking forward to hear your impressions girls!

Good Luck Girls!

Team Catewalk