Summer has come, so we decided to devote our current subject to a favorite stylistic proposition of this season, kimonos and caftans. They are a perfect solution, you can literally wear them from the morning till the evening, to the beach or your nightout on the island or the city. You will find them in […]


Spring is here and although weather seems to have some ‘’difficulties’’, we won’t let this affect us, girls, because spring means two things: high mood and new wardrobe. And since Easter is approaching and most of us have made plans, we decided to dedicate our current article to a hot and important topic: “What is […]


As the time goes by and discounts get to their ‘’peak’’, while the stores low the prices, we decided to write an article, discussing about a topic that we think has concerned a large percentage of women’s population at times: ” What is really worth buying during sales period?! ”. So, we did our research, […]


Now that we have cleaned out the closets, we refreshed our autumn / winter clothes and rearranged the summer ones, we can decide with a clear mind, a lot of appetite and imagination what are the necessary pieces of clothing for this season. Do not panic! We are here for you, gathering the hot trends, […]