Unfortunately, summer is slowly coming to an end, autumn takes its place and we all have to say ‘’back to base’’. The permanent problem and unique question that we all have to face this transition period is one : “what to wear now”? The answer ? Simple: “With good basics you’ll have endless options”.

Our favorite jeans that stayed in the closet all summer because we clearly preferred something shorter and more airy? Now it’s time for them to steal the show. Combine them with a t shirt or a simple shirt, your sneakers or even your slides from morning to afternoon and for your evening outfit choose a top in lace or muslin or satin and combine it with your favorite high heels. Now is the time of mix & match on fabrics, and we use to combine pieces that we wear all the time. (For example, our jeans with an airy top or our favorite jean shorts with a sweatshirt)

Airy dresses. Stylistically we say yes to the maxi dresses in September, under certain conditions. So choose a dress with some sleeve (3/4 or a bell sleeve that is considered to be more fancy), or combine your short or sleeveless favorite dress with a unique jacket. Applicable if the dress is maxi and airy, or more oversized in case the dress is tight and short. Safe selection and stylish look for all your autumn nights. As for shoes, we say definitely NO to boots and booties. We have a whole winter for them – all the rest are allowed.

So feel free to combine your favorite basic pieces with unique items that you loved during spring and summer and don’t forget the pieces that are worn all time long, like silky shirts in bright patterns. Avoid whites and invest in your favorite total black outfits by putting a touch of color on shoes and accessories. Wasn’t it easy ?!


P.S. The new fall / winter collection 17-18 is on the way and you are going to love it, like we did! Stay tuned!

Kisses xxx

Team Catewalk