And as most of us have already came back to base (no we won’t say hello fall yet!), Along with the renewal that holidays have brought, we also need a little refreshment in our closet to make the transition back to everyday life smoother.. It’s a good time because due to sales and the end of season, you will find really great opportunities. So where is it worth investing your money to make sure you’ve made really smart choices? In this article we are going to explain everything in details..

The ‘’occasion dress’’. That dress that you fell in love at first sight when you saw it during your window shopping, but then you thought ‘’Where am I going to put this during holidays? Too formal..”. Now it’s time to make it yours because on the one hand it’s on discount, on the other hand it’s the best outfit for the social events you are invited this autumn. We propose our unique ”Nafsika Maxi Dress ” (photo above), feminine, impressive and perfect for formal occasions all year long!

The ”light” shirt. You are going to wear it all year round, combine it in many ways and from morning to night. It’s necessary for your autumn appearances, (prefer it in muslin or georgette fabric) a piece that should not be missing from your wardrobe. With jeans or trousers, short skirt or a maxi one, it can be combined with EVERYTHING! Our suggestion is a white one (photo below left) that will surely become your favorite piece!

Jean pants. Yes now is the right time to buy those jeans you liked so much, but shorts took their place at your holidays suitcase. It’s worth investing in a pair of jeans, as you will wear them every day and all the time! You should choose something special this time, a pair with beads or a design, we are sure you have lots of the simplest ones!  We would recommend the jeans with the cross (photo below right) for the most stylish looks!

So these were the ‘’must have’’ pieces for this season, all time classics and most importantly,on discount! We wish you a good ‘’back-to-reality time’’ (we know how hard it feels after summer holidays) and enjoy your shopping! Always available for you at our showroom (Dodekanisou 66, Peristeri), by phone (210-5710037) and of course via social media.

Team Catewalk